Exercise 27: Editing the final draft

29 Jan

1. Evaluate essay writing skills

Discuss your essay writing strengths and weaknesses.

According to my marked essay one, I believe my strengths are correctly formatting my essay and good understanding of referencing. I take particular care in having an aesthetically pleasing essay, because this helps my work stand out. I have learned that good referencing is vital to essay writing, so I make sure I have all my information correct.

My weaknesses continue to be topic sentences and paragraph structure. I worked hard in my essay one, but I still failed to put my plan into action. I have so many ideas that I wish to use, but feel restrained by the word limit. I fear this is something I need to keep a close eye on for my next assessment because I know I need to practice my essay writing skills.

Explain any problems you have with essay writing. Explain if you would benefit from additional assistance.

I really want to work on my paragraph structure and have gone back to previous week’s activities to analyse where I have gone wrong. I am also using the feedback I received for my essay one to help me rectify my mistakes. I would certainly benefit from assistance, I may ask for help from my tutor or fellow students and I will also read out loud my work to my husband for his input.

Compile a list of questions to ask your tutor.

  • Can I confirm I do not need full stops after my in-text referencing and before the brackets? I am little confused about this.
  • Can I also confirm it is best to leave out comments in parentheses?
  • Can I ask for hints and tips on writing effective topic sentences?
  • Am I right in thinking I can only go over 10% of allotted word count for my essays?
  • Can I use two paragraphs to convey one argument?

Reflective Comment

This week’s activity helped me take stock of where I went wrong in my first essay and where I could improve on my style. Together with the feedback I received I hope I can develop a better understanding of essay writing. I understand I really need to work on my topic sentences, which have let me down previously. I think I need to practice because I want to do well as I know I will need to write an essay in my exam at the end of the unit. Having good essay writing skills will also go a long way to boost my confidence in the future.

This week I sat down and really noticed not just where I went wrong, but also what I did right and I was glad to be on the right track. I have learned that I need to give my self a break and be glad that I did well. I stay up until late most nights reading and I have made some adjustments in my life in order to study, such as sending my eldest two children to day care sooner than I planned, but receiving such good marks makes the sacrifices worthwhile. I think that studying and keeping my brain active while I care for my baby is good for me too, because I can remember more now than when I was caring for my eldest two. This to me is good news and I hope I can absorb more as I continue along this path for the rest of my studies.

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