Wednesday – Thirteenth day

12 Aug

The week is half way over and I am starting to feel a little sad that I won’t be coming back. I’ve had great time learning new things about records management and I am grateful for this prac. Today I transferred all the box numbers into the councils registering system double checking that those numbers were correct, so that in the future if one were looking for an item in the gift registry they would simply type it in and a word document will be recalled with a photo, description and a location.I’m pretty certain I know where every thing is by now and the corresponding box number and individual barcode. I’m thinking that before too soon I’ll be dreaming about these numbers and they will be chasing me down long dark corridors!

I also worked on the mail room manual and will be sending a copy for review to my mentor tomorrow morning. I’m happy I got to work on it and have nearly finished it before the week is over, I just hope that I don’t need to make too many changes as that may take more time that I don’t have.

Tomorrow, I should be doing something different as told by my mentor, maybe lugging boxes or files from one building to another. At least I’ll have some time away from those barcodes for a little while!

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