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Last entry for the year

I am happy to write that I have now completed my degree and I am a little saddened that its is over. The home stretch was really hard, I couldn’t make time to write my blog, there were so many assessments, some which were only for a small amount of marks, yet they all added up and so I had to grin and bear it! But I did it! With the help of the almighty Lord Jesus, my wonderful family and my volunteering supervisor at my local library, I completed and passes all my units.

Now, I am obviously job hunting, but I am also catching up on my reading and my family quality time, as well as house work (yes, in that order!). I’m hoping I will start work in the new year, and most of all I am hoping to start work in a library… Unfortunately those are slim pickings, friends. All I can say is that I won’t give up and some day soon I’ll be working and making use of all I have learned in the last four years. I’m not really sure when I’ll receive my degree paper, which will delivered by mail as I cannot personally attend the graduation ceremony which is being held in Perth (I live in Queensland). In any case, I’m over the moon that I have passed everything and that I have finished at long last. I feel like belting at song like Eye of the Tiger or some such. Good times.


Here is a pic of my summer reading list from my favorite authors of all time.



To everyone out there, thanks for reading and Happy and prosperous new year.


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New And Last Study Period for 2015

I have now started my last three units of this degree and am on my way to the finish line. I couldn’t be any more anxious and excited! The units look to be the hardest yet and I hope that I can get through them without failing. I really want to finish my degree this year so that I may start working at last in 2016. The units I’m enrolled in are Information Theory & Research; Professional Issues for Information Studies and lastly Conservation and Preservation. I have actually given up writing in this blog during the semester as the workload is simply too much. There are so many readings, exercises and so much research to do for assessments, plus looking after my kids. Having said that, I will try to write something about a site visit that is coming up, which I’m looking forward to. I believe the students in my state are all meeting at our State Library, so that will be nice to see them again in person. Being a Internet-based distance education degree, it gets lonely at times and apart from Facebook, I don’t get a chance to socialise with my peers.

So today, I’m spending my day introducing myself on the uni’s discussion forums and downloading all my unit materials. I’m seeing a lot of readings for the first week which bodes. Well, someone’s gotta do it. I’m going to try really hard not to panic and take one day at a time. See you all in thirteen weeks…