Monday – Eleventh day

A quiet start to the week, with the cold weather still keeping people home. However, I took the opportunity to finish wrapping all the gifts for the council. All done, hooray!

Next, I continued with the mail room manual and I must say, it is looking good. I will print out my first version tomorrow and see how it looks.

Then I registered files with Grace and performed odd jobs here and there. I was a quiet but busy little bee today. Four days to go until the end of prac.

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Friday – Tenth day

Today I finished taking all the photos that I needed and registered all the documents to the council’s system. Hallelujah, I’m almost done with this project! After obtaining a rather large bundle of bubble wrapping (so tempting to pop!), I continued on my merry way. I must have wrapped a hundred items easy today and feel like a complete professional. Come Christmas time and I’ll be able to wrap pressies in no time flat!

I also worked on the mail room manual and other odds jobs. I left feeling quite accomplished! Bring on the weekend.

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Thursday – Ninth day

Aside from odd jobs here and there today consisted of working on registering the council’s gifts. I can see the light! I have almost finished taking photos of everything and now I am placing everything in numbered boxes to make the process easier.

I must now make sure that everything is where it should be and that the boxes are not too heavy to shift. Once I have done this, I will need to wrap fragile items in bubble wrap. I also realised that some items are already registered, but don’t have a photo attached, so it is as matter of merging them together for a more comprehensive file. I should finish soon!

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Wednesday – Eighth day

Half way through the week and unfortunately the day did not start well. Due to the cold weather, there was a high increase of sickies. I did my best to help, but because I still know very little about the actual processes I couldn’t do much. So instead, I continued with my projects and tried to get as much as I could out of the way.

I also experienced technical difficulties, so I spent some time trying to sort these issues out with the IT people. I had my heart set on practicing dog registrations but alas, it was not meant to be. Perhaps tomorrow I will have another go.

In the mean time I worked on my projects. I hope to have these done soon!

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Tuesday – Seventh day

Half way through my prac and I am still enjoying the work and learning lots. Just like last Tuesday, I shadowed the mail room team member today and tried to remember everything from last week. I also took a lot of notes in the mail room so that I may start on the manual. I had a good chat with the team member and we discussed a number of ways in which I could create the manual. I hope I do her proud. The job, as I mentioned earlier, is complex and there is huge amount of information that needs to be remembered.

Again we sorted the mail and delivered it to the corresponding departments once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Later in the day, I also worked on my other projects and registering files with Grace.

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Monday – Six day

Today is the beginning of my second week of prac at my local council and worked mostly on my first project of registering gifts to the council. Some examples are wooden and glass plaques, certificates of appreciation, photographs, national gifts from foreign dignitaries. I have also registered beautiful illustrations and books.

I worked on taking photographs of gifts that have been given to the council and the mayor over several years, then registering on the council’s system. So far, this has been a great undertaking, but fun nevertheless.

I also kept working on registering files with Grace, which is something I rather enjoy doing. I have emailed my resume to Grace themselves, at the request of one of the lovely team members in the hopes of gaining employment with them.

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Friday – Fifth day

As my first week of prac comes to a close, I can tell for certain that I am enjoying myself. I know, I know. I’ve said many times that I want to be a librarian when I grow up, but this is not such a tough gig after all. I am enjoying the processes and it feels really good to use my brain and try to remember all that I have learned in such as short time.

Today spent some time with my mentor learning more about registering different types of records and also asking more questions to better understand how records are managed within the council. As I mentioned earlier, he is a fountain of information and gladly shares his knowledge with me. I also spent time with another lovely team member learning about Property and Development records which come with more protocols to learn. I am reminded that each records have a particular code which consist of the matter of inquiry and how long the records should be kept (years). There are many, many other things that I must remember in order to create a record effectively, some of which I cannot explicitly state on a public blog for obvious reasons, and others because I have forgotten.

Today I also had lunch with my library volunteer supervisor and had a good laugh at my antics at work. She presented me with a Thank you card and amethyst earrings for my volunteering efforts at the library since February this year. It truly was a pleasant surprise as I did not expect anything, indeed, I love working at the library and hope to one day do so full time.


My aim next week is to take more notes so that I can reflect more on what I am learning and help out more with the team. I also want to have a chat to all the lovely team members to get to know them and find out what they enjoy most about working for the council, or more specifically, within records management. I believe their answers may influence my decision when it time comes for me to get started on my career.

Here’s to another exciting and full week!

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