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New Study Period (Semester 2, 2014)

I can almost breathe a sigh of relief, today is the last day of Study Period 1 and the end of three hectic months! I’m due to start NET205, Internet Commerce and Consumers on Monday. I’m really looking forward continuing the Interweb units, they are so much fun and better structured than the other units. The plus side? Only three assessments this time! If you care to recall, I had almost 12 assessments last SP and I’m not 99% certain that I’ve passed. In fact, I’m very concerned that I may have not done enough and am not looking forward to receiving my marks. I have an exam this Tuesday, which I’m terrified about. I haven’t had a quiet moment to study and I really don’t like exams in general because my memory hasn’t been great since I had my kids.

But anyway, I’m looking forward to doing one unit again, it will mean doing things like catching up with relatives and friends, cleaning the house and reading for fun! Oh and playing my latest obsession: Skyrim…

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Uni work and assessments

So this study period I am doing two units and eight assessments, and so far I am feeling swamped because I haven’t done my readings for the past two weeks. The kids and I have been quite ill, and have been coughing up a storm. In my lowest moments I wish I had never began to study or at least only study one unit at a time. However, if I did that I would never finish this course! It’s finally Wednesday and the older kids are at day care so I will endeavor to catch up as much as possible and finish off the first of my assessments.

Here is a list of assignments due this SP:

22 March    Reflective Practicum 30% (LIS100)

25 March    Question and Answer 10% (NET102)

12 April       Essay Plan 20% (NET102)

22 April      Learning Portfolio 30% (NET102)

3 May          Individual Tutorial Presentation 20% (LIS100)

3 May         Library Visit Report 30% (LIS100)

20May        Final Essay 40% (NET102)

All SP         Participation 20% (LIS100)

Well, best get on with then. I want to smash out the first two this week to avoid confusion and stress. Wish me luck!

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Discussion Week 12

Nightingale, Penny, et al. 1996. Assessing Learning in Universities. Sydney: The University of New South Wales Press.

As we get closer to the exam date, this reading introduces some of the reasons behind the need for formal assessment of your learning. Have a look at the ‘Nightingale’ reading and then try answering the following questions:

• Why do we have examinations and other formal assessments?
• What is it that universities want you to demonstrate in an exam?

We’ll keep discussion in this thread restricted to the concepts behind exams. If you have any specific questions about the exam, post them in the exam discussion thread. I will be posting a few exam tips in that thread over the next week or so.


I like how Nightingale broke down the various needs as to WHY assessments are crucial to learning.

For students it’s about making sure they are doing well and are understanding what they are learning and engaging with course content.

For the teachers it’s about making sure they are getting the information across and are able to grade students on an equal basis.

For the university or other institution it’s about making sure the course interesting and manageable and the teachers engaging and supportive.

For the community it’s about whether the graduate is ready and able to put their new skills into practice.

Assessments of any kind can be intimidating, and for myself, essays and exams terrify me, however, I believe a balance of summative and formative assessments will enhance my learning and potentially make me the best student I can be.

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