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MED104: Engaging Media Learning Portfolio. 1.1 Introduction: How does the media engage you? How do you engage with the media?

1.1 Activity Discussion

I just wanted to put down on screen (?) before I turn in for the night. Because I’m a stay at home mum, I depend a lot on the internet for just about everything from entertainment, to social networking, to news.

We have a PC, a laptop, PS2 and a PS3. On the PC, I have Facebook and twitter as the social aspects, as I chat to my friends and family this way more than on the phone. Also I depend on YouTube to find out visually what’s going on in the world and if the Wiggles have a new song out. Very important to my two year old! We catch up on newspapers from Oz as well as the USA and I particularly like a website called Stumble Upon, simply because it’s FUN.

Both the landline and the mobile get rarely used, the TV is mostly used to watch movies or children’s shows, like… You guessed it, the Wiggles.

I’m 31 and I love technology, I love it so much that I’m teaching my children how to access the net and how to play their movies and they are quite smart about it too. I believe that as long as I’m there to make sure they don’t get into mischief they are Ok. As a parent I’m teaching them skills that they will use in the future, but also setting up safetynets so that I know that they will be well- safe, as they delve more into the web as they get older. Like giving your child a bike, you must first put training wheels and make sure you are there to catch them if they fall.

How do views about recent developments in the media differ between students and friends/family/older generations/different cultures? Why?

I’m not too sure how to answer this question, but I’d like to try if that’s ok… My personal view on this is that technology can always get better but at the moment it’s great. I have Facebook to keep me up to date with what my friends and family are doing. I can have a chat with them or simply send them a message they can access later. I can post photos of my children for my friends to see and likewise I can view their photos.

Now, my mother is 51 to my 31 years of age and she finds computers in general terrifying. Seriously, she is very intimidated. She refuses to purchase a computer of her own and so uses mine to access Facebook and her email account. Every time, she says, “I don’t know how to log in!” Every time, I say, “Mum your username and password is your name!”

I believe that although my mum is not very old, she is very old school, so computers don’t feature much in her life and she can live quite happily without one. Another reason is that she is bilingual (as I am) and speaks predominantly Spanish, so sometimes she feels embarrassed if she misunderstands (or is misunderstood) when interacting on Facebook.

Did You Know 4.0 video

I found the video quite relevant as just recently my favourite book store, Angus and Robertson have been under stress because no one is buying books. People can buy books quite cheaply online and if you have the mind to it why not just read it off the computer screen and save more money?

I could save money, certainly, but then I would lose that special feeling of curling into my favourite chair with a nice cup of tea (it used to be wine before kids came along!) and holding in my hands my ticket to whatever time, place or genre I want to be…

Another point is the fact that people’s mobile phones can do everything a computer can do, and that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been waiting for this since I read a book about the future in primary school (early 90’s). Unfortunately, my children have destroyed the last three phones that I’ve bought so now I just have a mobile phone that I use for emergencies only.

My husband on the other hand uses his mobile phone for wake up alarm, as a clock, access to internet (including Facebook), camera and of course, calls.

The video itself was interesting because it was simple and to the point. It used fast paced facts and music (almost too fast paced) and it was very colourful. I think the target audience might be someone like me, someone interested in technology, but not an expert. I read the comments that the video received and noticed a lot of young people having their say. Could that be that others couldn’t or they simply didn’t want to?

Re: Jenkins 2009

This is what I got from the reading.

“Partial agenda for media reform from the perspective of participatory culture”. (Jenkins, 2009). Basically individuals acting independently to make their own free choices (Wikipedia) regarding new technology and the various aspects of information sharing websites.

Jenkins goes on to point out many limitations of today’s technology from fear of cultural change, lack of access out of school and workplaces, legal battles such as copyright, fair use and privacy. I must agree to the reinvention of public institutions to better educate people and overcome social divisions being passed on to cyberspace.

The ongoing debate of us against the government is here too. But the idea is to find a balance with ongoing training and understanding the way not just young people, but how everyone is connecting to the online world using “friendship-based, interest-driven social networks.” (Jenkins, 2009).

Media that engages us – Examples

I’m a child of the 80’s and both Chucky Norris and Steve Segal came over for tea on weekends so when I saw this ad, it transported me back to my childhood!

Please enjoy!

Mobile Phones

I was just thinking… Can I propose that everything that came before the mobile phone is old media and the mobile phone that exists today Is the new media?

If I went and bought a state of the art mobile phone, what do I get? A device that can make phone calls, while seeing the person I’m speaking with; take a photo/movie; have a flashlight; have internet, where I can check emails, online banking, social network, even as of this month make claims on health insurance (NIB), play games…

In certain types of phones I can access applications that can do almost anything I wish.

In others yet, I can access Satellite Navigation Systems that can tell me where to go while on foot.

Just think, an all encompassing device, kinda reminds me of a Swiss army knife. What do you think mobiles can do in the future? Can it do a Jetsons-Style transformation into a car and vice versa? I hope so, that could solve a lot of parking problems!

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