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8th and 9th Hangout

This week we had an impromptu hangout on Monday and our usual weekly one on Wednesday as things are quickly coming together for our group submission on tomorrow, Friday. It’s coming along quite nicely, I think, with everyone’s contribution and our team leader’s skills in editing it all together to read seamlessly. I’m really proud of the work we have done and all we have achieved. We talked about all that we needed to do, such as continue checking our work and each others work for spelling and grammar errors, check our references and make sure our project diaries are up to date.

It has been an intense couple of days, with a member of our group not happy with the edits on their piece, but we got through this and we have learned a lot this last couple of weeks. I’ll be glad to submit our report tomorrow but I will miss the weekly meetings and catching up with the group. It was nice to have that comradeship and support there for a while… At the same time, I’m quite sick of discussing Pinterest! In any case, I hope we do well, we certainly worked hard for it!

Here is a link to our work:

In particular, my individual piece on business models:

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7th Google Hangout

With the due date looming, we have stepped up the planning and I have at last completed my section on business models. This week’s meeting covered what everyone is doing, what they are up to and what else needs to be done. We settled our argument thesis and have began pooling the information together to what it will finally look like at the end.

We are toying with the idea of having more hangouts, but I work around my kids so I’m only available in the evenings. We might need to just do chat sessions rather than hangouts, we’ll see how we go. The next step now is to read everyone’s portion of work to edit and check for grammar and spelling. Then it is a matter of putting everything together and make sure it reads smoothly and consistently. A team member has volunteered to create an edited version of everyone’s work to make it sound more uniform. It’s certainly a good idea. The last step is pinning all the information on Pinterest. I cannot wait to see the end result!

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6th Google Hangout

The hangout due on the 9th of July was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, plus I have been quite ill. We postponed the meeting for the following Monday 14th of July.

Spent most of the meeting catch up on what was previously missed, talked about what the tutor wants from our report and discussed how we want to present the project. Everyone seems to be going alright, which is great, given the bad rap group projects get. Everyone is communicating well, here on the weekly hangouts, as well as on our private Facebook group. I find a lot of support and guidance and I am grateful for it. Unfortunately, due to my illness and that of my children’s my progress has ground to a halt, at least temporarily. I still try to read news on my smartphone as I lay in bed coughing away! I just don’t have a lot of energy to type on my trusty laptop for long periods of time. However, I must write my thoughts down before I forget them!

Alas, my children need me so this is good night. I’ll try again soon when we are all feeling better.

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5th Google Hangout

Tonight’s hangout was a short one due to everyone’s excellent progress and our team leader’s absence. As a group we are working hard at researching our individual portions and presenting it in a clever way. We are to continue with our readings and focus on the message we want to get across. The tutor has given us plenty of hints and tips which we want to use wisely as I think she is a hard marker! I’m doing a lot of research on Pinterest’ early days, their lack of business model and plans to rectify this. I’ve been reading a lot about internet companies starting out on a freemium economy, where users do not need to pay for an account with them, rather the companies make their money by having ads, or having other products under the premium economy, which make the website money. It has been rather interesting to see where popular social networking sites, blogs, news sites all obtain their profit from.

Anyway, I must complete this week’s minutes and share them on our Google Drive folder so that others may see where we are up to and for our team leader to catch up on missed discussions. I’m also hoping to complete my part. We have decided to work individually on the Network Economy, the Attention Economy, the Business Plan of Pinterest (plus the Long Tail), Freemium vs Premium Economy and of course background of the scrapbooking website, all of which to be written up to about 1000 words each so that we have enough material to make some magic.


Ps, Happy birthday to my wonderful hubby…

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4th Google Hangout

In tonight’s Google hangout, we were able to finalise our roles within the group as well as assign tasks to get this project underway. We have already began to complete our project plan; everyone has contributed and proofread the document ready to be handed in this coming Friday.

Our team leader was away, however, we followed the agenda and distributed the work as per consensus. I’ll be looking at Pinterest’s business models and comparing the business models of other like minded internet companies. I’ve decided to research and present everything in our group blog, in WordPress, not only because I am familiar with this process, but because it’s fun and interesting this way. Others in the group will present their research using other applications/e-publishing mechanisms such as YouTube and Pinterest itself.

It’s my turn to take minutes in the next meeting, so I’ll also be looking at how to do this effectively and still contribute to discussions! I have already sourced these two web sites, which are quite easy to follow:


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3rd Google Hangout

Last night’s Google hangout revolved around what we need to look at in terms of how we are managing the unit content. We have all decided to collaborate in the class wiki, writing key words and their meaning in the glossary. So far, I’ve only written a couple of terms, as all the good ones have been taken. We also talked out the case study and it looks like I need to learn how to write one from scratch. Luckily a team member has a handbook that we can all have a squeeze at.

We missed a member due to illness so we’ll have to make sure they are caught up before the next hangout. I’ve a good look at Pinterest and find that it takes up a lot of time. I can simply forget about life and look at pin after pin, and now that I have several boards that hold pins of every interest I have, I am in procrastination heaven. My current favourite is the Skyrim board, where I am collecting funny memes, intriguing pics and cosplay pins.

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Group Hangout

Last night was our second Google Hangout and it was most productive. After everyone presented their arguments about what internet company we wanted use as a case study (choosing from Twitter, Kickstarter, Instagram, Google Adwords, Etsy and Pintereset) we have decided on basing our group project on Pinterest and will now set about obtaining as much info about the site as possible, including scholarly articles and journals. It was great having everyone on the hangout and getting to know each other. We can see the potential in each other and what we can bring to the group project which is excellent! There is nothing better when minds come together.

Previously we were missing a group member due to technical difficulties, however, we were all present and I believe this helped with laying down good ideas. I have a Pinterest account although I haven’t used it much. I will endeavor to check it out and see how it works.


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