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Last entry for the year

I am happy to write that I have now completed my degree and I am a little saddened that its is over. The home stretch was really hard, I couldn’t make time to write my blog, there were so many assessments, some which were only for a small amount of marks, yet they all added up and so I had to grin and bear it! But I did it! With the help of the almighty Lord Jesus, my wonderful family and my volunteering supervisor at my local library, I completed and passes all my units.

Now, I am obviously job hunting, but I am also catching up on my reading and my family quality time, as well as house work (yes, in that order!). I’m hoping I will start work in the new year, and most of all I am hoping to start work in a library… Unfortunately those are slim pickings, friends. All I can say is that I won’t give up and some day soon I’ll be working and making use of all I have learned in the last four years. I’m not really sure when I’ll receive my degree paper, which will delivered by mail as I cannot personally attend the graduation ceremony which is being held in Perth (I live in Queensland). In any case, I’m over the moon that I have passed everything and that I have finished at long last. I feel like belting at song like Eye of the Tiger or some such. Good times.


Here is a pic of my summer reading list from my favorite authors of all time.



To everyone out there, thanks for reading and Happy and prosperous new year.


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