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New Study Period

Well so much for the week off before the new study period. I just managed to hand in my investigation for LIM135, but I was busy with my children, setting up my eldest for prep next year. I cannot believe how time is flying. It is insane.

Well, back to the grind. I decided to study one unit this time as this Summer we are busy with Christmas, Eric’s extra curriculum activities (Karate and Piano lessons) and obviously I’d rather spend time with my babies than in front of the computer… er no offense my trusty PC! Er, anyway, so my unit is Web Media (WEB207) and it looks like a great unit where I’ll be learning more about media such as Film and TV, Music, Games and Photography. And on the Web side of the house, I’ll be getting know about mushups and copyright, participatory culture and how to broadcast myself. I literally cannot wait.

The assessments will be as follows:

Essay             due 10 January, 2014

The Pitch      due 31 January, 2014

Web Media Creation      due 21 February, 2014

I’m really looking forward to starting the unit, I’ll post week one discussion momentarily. I’m going to start planning for A3, as yet, I’m not sure what medium to use and what to talk about. I suspect we’ll get more info in the coming weeks, so in the mean time I’m going to play, er analyse different web sites that create content. Watch this space.

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Jennifer Lopez’s new single ‘On the Floor’

This song has me thinking about copyright, although I’m certain that an artist of high caliber as Jennifer Lopez would not use someone’s work without authorisation. I had a quick sneak peek at the history of the song she is sampling which is of course Lambada made famous by Kaoma in 1989.

It turns out that Kaoma used the song without the consent of the original artists, Los Kjarkas, a Bolivian Andean group. And a subsequent law suit occurred in 1990.  Since then however, many authorised renditions have been released, including Lopez’s recent sampling of the song in her latest single, ‘On the Floor’. Lopez’s husband Marc Antony set the deal in motion with Los Kjarkas co-founder Ulises Hermosa.

“The agreement with Lopez is very interesting for us because there is a possibility to interpret the theme together, ” revealed Hermosa.

So it goes to show that cheaters never prosper and permission should always be sought before using someone’s ideas in any form. Be it music or film, this is a good lesson I must remember and be sure to implement for my remediation project!


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