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New And Last Study Period for 2015

I have now started my last three units of this degree and am on my way to the finish line. I couldn’t be any more anxious and excited! The units look to be the hardest yet and I hope that I can get through them without failing. I really want to finish my degree this year so that I may start working at last in 2016. The units I’m enrolled in are Information Theory & Research; Professional Issues for Information Studies and lastly Conservation and Preservation. I have actually given up writing in this blog during the semester as the workload is simply too much. There are so many readings, exercises and so much research to do for assessments, plus looking after my kids. Having said that, I will try to write something about a site visit that is coming up, which I’m looking forward to. I believe the students in my state are all meeting at our State Library, so that will be nice to see them again in person. Being a Internet-based distance education degree, it gets lonely at times and apart from Facebook, I don’t get a chance to socialise with my peers.

So today, I’m spending my day introducing myself on the uni’s discussion forums and downloading all my unit materials. I’m seeing a lot of readings for the first week which bodes. Well, someone’s gotta do it. I’m going to try really hard not to panic and take one day at a time. See you all in thirteen weeks…



New Study Period 1 (2015)

Welcome to another SP! I cannot believe that it is March already! I’m really excited about starting again, but also quite anxious about the coming assessments! I will be studying the following units: Library and Information Service Management; Knowledge Management Principles and Information Literacy. I have Online Discussions and Reflections nearly every week, plus two essays, a literature review, an investigation and a project all due later in the semester.

Here’s a pic of my desk wall with all my calendars for the different units. I’m hoping this will keep me organised and motivated throughout the three months.

Study Desk

Well, I better get started, these units seem a whole lot harder than the previous ones, very reading-intensive, so I will try my best to post as I go, otherwise… see you on the other side!



New Study Period (SP2/2014)

Wow, where did time go? That’s a bit cliche-ish, but completely true. So after hanging in our group assessment for NET205, which by the by, we got a nifty 26/35, I took the next week or so to really immerse my self in the unit content and research for the last assessment, the dreaded essay. I was determined to hand it in early so that I may have some quality time with my family before I started the new SP with three units. And I actually did it. Whether or not I did any good is not the point. I just hope I did enough so that I don’t embarrass myself.

As for this new SP, I will be studying Enterprise Content Management; Resource Description and Access; and Collection Management. As much as I enjoyed the Internet units, I’m quite glad to be learning more about the library and its many facets. I’m very concerned about the assessments, but the tutors have all promised plenty of exercises and activities that will smooth the way. I hope so, as it is, I feel quite intimidated!

I’ve also decided to start looking for work, either volunteering or paid in this profession. Unfortunately, after searching online, I haven’t found much. I will keep looking, as I have this summer off and it will be wonderful to get some hands on experience which in turn will aid my learning. I have even began to look in the records management side of the house, even though my greatest wish is to work at a library! We shall see.

I’m not sure that I will post many entries this coming three months due to the workload, so I will try my best to post when I can to give my impressions and update my progress. These three units will be the last level two units for my degree. If I pass them, I will only have six level three to do next year. I can just see the end of the tunnel… I pray that I can reach it!



New Study Period

It has been a while since I published anything as with all new study periods, I find that I am catching up on all my work from the previous SP as well as trying to get the new units sorted. I try to introduce myself on the student forums and read the unit outlines to familiarise myself with all that I need to do to pass the unit!

This is SP3 for me and I am enrolled in Management of Recordkeeping and Archive Services (LIM135) and Technologies for Information Services (LIS125). These units will be my 10th and 11th units of my course and I’m so glad I’m nearly half way. I’m still not sure if I want to do two units over summer, Christmas time is always a busy time for my family and I want to do my studies justice.

For now, however, I need to concentrate on these two units. They seem full on but also very interesting and I’m looking forward to continuing my learning about new technology and how I can use it in a library.

For LIS125, I have opened new accounts for Twitter and Gmail and having recently discussed my digital footprint, I am beginning to feel like it might be getting out of control. I already have three Twitter accounts, that’s more than enough, particularly when I don’t even glance at them. I suppose I better pick up my game.

Well, I better do some reading done while all the kids are down for the night.

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