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End of Study Period 3 (2014)

Just as I predicted, I had very little time to do much these last three months due to the heavy workload of three units. Plus of course I had to also take care of my children and keep our house tidy… Quite hard to be honest, but alas, the SP has ended and I am in one piece and still 80% sane. I have submitted all my assessments, with the exception of my exam this coming Tuesday. Now, I must say, my memory is not so great since having three kids and being quite absent minded to begin with. With my previous two exams I crammed for a week before hand yet, on the day I was a nervous wreck with most of what I had learned locked away in my brain with no way to get out. This time, I have focused on five points (we have to answer five out of ten questions) and hope that these are asked on the day. I even have in-text references which I have been trying to commit to memory. I really I hope I do well, the competitive side of me wants not only to pass but to excel.

I did learn a lot this SP, which I am grateful for and hope the knowledge come easily when I begin working in my dream job. I finally got to learn the background on MARC, the Library of Congress subject headings, Dewey Decimal System and a number of other similar systems that are used across the globe. I also learned more about collection management, consortia and embargoes. Also on the Records Management side of the house, I learned about RM software which manages records which are created physically as well as digitally, touching on the ever present Web 2.0 phenomenon. I know I’m a big nerd, but all this is so interesting to me, I love learning it and knowing more about libraries is my ultimate dream. Geek Alert!

On other happy news, I have been short-listed for a casual job at my local library, which I am so, so happy about as I really need a job and one which will aid in my learning would be icing on the chocolate birthday cake. Mmmm, cake… Anyway, I’ve also been searching for interview questions to get an idea of what I am up against, as well as interview etiquette, so that I’m well prepared. Cannot wait. Wish me luck!

If I get the job, it will make these next three months off bearable and I’ll also have some money for Christmas, win win! Well, I guess I have procrastinated enough, better get back to my cramming. This Thursday will be my first official holiday since I began this course in 2011. Woot woot! Until next time!


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Is records management a true profession?

Is records management a true profession?
Read the articles stated in
your lectures notes to assist with the
discussion. A number of these articles are held in Curtin Library’s
e-Reserve collection and is accessible online.Also, do your own research
using the Curtin Library catalogue which searches across current
(recent) journals and other resources. Check out the RIM Professionals
Australasia website as well, browse thru their Statement of Knowledge.


My take is that today Records Management is a true profession, simply because, as a whole, organisations have come to realise that the information is power. RIM’s Statement of Knowledge says it best:

“Recordkeeping professionals support societies, communities and organisations as they try to make meaning out of decisions, actions and memories.” (2011, 9)

Access to any sort of records is important now as it was Mesopotamian times, for example. But what is done with that information is what drives organisations, indeed anyone who deals with any type of documents. I remember in my previous job at a manufacturing company where I injured my hand quite badly and had to write an incident report and a risk assessment. The forms I filled out were later used to as a recommendation to attach a guard in that particular machinery.

As Pauline mentions in the iLecture, “The right information presented at the right time, to the right person and at a reasonable cost” will almost certainly be a benefit to the organisation.

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