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Exercise 5 Organising and planning study (Part 2)

I am updating this activity to get a sense of my organisational skills because when I first completed this activity it was week one and my work load was quite light. To get a better sense of how I am dealing with juggling home life and uni commitments, I knew I had to revise and analyse this particular activity some time down the track. There’s not a lot different, as I haven’t changed my time table drastically in six weeks.

Activity 2, 5.1 (Revised)

Name: Evelyn Neilson

Date: 07 January 2013 to 13 January 2013

Time Schedule: record of time spent during a week

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6-7am ZZ ZZ F&E F&E F&E F&E F&E
11-12 F&E DD F&E F&E F&E DD DD
12-1pm DD F&E DD DD DD F&E DD
6-7 F&E F&E F&E F&E F&E R&R DD
9-10 C* C* C* C* C* C* C*
10-11 C* C* C* C* C* C# C#
11-12 C* C* C* C* C* ZZ ZZ
12-1am C* C* ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ

F&E: Food and Eating; DD: Domestic duties; PS: Private study; R&R: Relaxing and socialising; C: Formal classes (?); ZZ: Sleeping.

Activity 2, 5.2

Name: Evelyn Neilson

Date: 07 January 2013 to 13 January 2013

Summary of information from the time schedule

Are you studying part time or full time?                               External part-time

What percentage of a full-time student work-load               Unsure

Are you studying?

Time spent

In class (C)                                                                       21 hours

On private study or doing additional study (PS)             08 hours

Total amount of time spent on study                        29 hours

In employment (E)

Relaxing and/or socialising (R&R)                                 03 hours

On exercise and active recreation (E&R)

On domestic duties and family activities (DD)               65 hours

Travelling (T)                                                                   01 hour

Sleeping – average hours per night (ZZ)                         06 hours



Most effective study times

Total number effective hours                                           19 hours

Average length of effective study sessions                     03 hours

Time of day                                                                      From 9pm

Place(s)                                                                             At my PC

Other comments on most effective study times              I try to catch up on work while kids are at day care.

Least effective study times

Total number of ineffective hours                                               02 hours

Time(s) of day                                                                  From about midnight

Place(s)                                                                             At my PC

Activity 2, 5.3

Bar graph to show time spent on different  activities


Activity 2, 5.4                                                                            

Analysis of time record: questions to ask

Did you have a particularly heavy workload during the represented week?

Yes, I’ve had to work on my log B as well as essay 2 and study for final exam.

Which activities were excessive time users, i.e.: TV, internet, travel?

Like always family activities took a bulk of my time this week. However, my two eldest children have started day care three days a week now, so that helps a lot.

Were there times when you studied more effectively, such as early in the morning or when you had the entire day to study? Why?

Unchanged. I work more effectively when everyone has gone to bed and don’t need my attention. This is the time I can focus on my studies.

I do not attend internal classes.

Did you work more effectively in short periods and then lose concentration, or did it take you time to settle into study so that you need longer periods for serious work?

Unchanged. When ever I get a spare moment, I sit at the computer and do a bit of work. Then at night, I review what I have done and continue. I’m pretty focused on getting things done.

My study is not connected to other activities.

Did you prepare yourself for long periods of study? How? Was this effective?

Unchanged. My usual routine is to make sure everyone is asleep, then I make my self a cup of tea. I then check the Unit forums. Finally I work on readings and getting pressing assessments done. I find this very effective.

Do you relax after a study session? How? Did you give yourself a reward for completing the work?

Unchanged. I usually go straight to sleep after my nightly study sessions; I’m usually quite tired by then end of the day. Rewarding my self sounds like a nice idea, which I look forward to implementing.


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Learning Log for Introduction to University Learning

Learning independently requires that I know myself and the way that I study. Quite personal really, but I don’t mind. This will help my journey towards obtaining my degree.

So first let’s start with Me, my physical and emotional self.

What do you like most about your body?

I like the fact that I can have children. I know my body and what it can do and its limitations.

What do you like least?

I don’t like being this weight. I wish I was 10kg lighter.

When does your body feel good?

I feel good after a good night’s rest, eating chocolate or after a shower.

How does your body feel now?

Right now, I feel tired. It’s 1.07am and I’ve been up since 8am.

Body Rhythms

Are you a lark or an owl?

I think I’m an owl. I work better at night.

Are you aware of patterns in your body’s need for sleep, exercise, food, sex?

Yes. Sometimes I crave more sleep. Sometimes I crave exercise more. More often though, it’s chocolate that I crave the most.

How is your study related to these patterns?

I tend to do most of my studying at night. But that’s also because the kids are asleep by then and I can concentrate better.


Do you often sleep so much that your mind feels drugged?

Er, no.

At the moment I seem to be coping with little sleep, due to my baby’s sleeping patterns settling. She just turned 4 months, so early days yet. I’m breastfeeding so that takes a lot of energy also. I have a coffee in the morning and several cups of tea during the day. I know that can’t be too good, but I don’t think I could survive the day with them.

I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since before Eric was born 4 years ago. I have learned to adjust. Sierra, now 2, used to sleep well, but most nights wakes up during the night. Olivia is doing well, unless she is sick, then she’s up every couple of hours. I find that as a chocaholic, I crave chocolate more when I’m very tired.

Food and drink

I’m breastfeeding so I feel like I eat a lot, but in reality I just graze during the day and then have a big dinner with everyone sitting around the table talking about their day. When I sit down to study, I like to have a cup of tea for some reason.


I’m trying to get into walking and running to keep fit, but I have to work around my husband’s shift work so he can look after the kids. Exercise leaves me invigorated, but extra hungry. Not sure how it will affect my studying, early days yet.


Right at this moment I can smell my new text book, if I close my eyes I can hear the computer, the clock and the occasional gecko. I can taste the tea in my mouth and I’m a bit hot so my skin feels sticky. As I open my eyes (yes, I can touch type!) I can see the monitor, the keyboard and my text book.

My strongest sense is hearing, but smell is good too. I wear contacts to help me see. I think I learn best by seeing and touching.

Tension and relaxation

I usually feel tension in my shoulders and back. I am relaxed right now because I’m studying and learning and this pleases me. Also everyone is sleeping so no one is demanding my attention.

I relax just before I fall asleep, more often than not I don’t check to see if I’m tense, although I probably should.

After reading, especially in front of the PC, my eyes hurt a bit, and after writing or typing for long periods of time my wrists hurt, but I think that’s normal.

I don’t rely on drugs to help me relax.


The most positive aspects of my life are my family, my husband and my children.

The most positive aspects of my studying are the learning and the getting to know myself better.

I worry that I don’t have a job at the moment and therefore am not contributing to bills. I worry about paying said bills. I worry that I won’t have enough time for my husband and my kids as I increase my study load. I worry that I won’t pass my units and that I will have to repeat them.

I usually talk about my worries to my family to ease the stress and anxiety. I also pray to God for guidance and strength.


I enjoy spending time alone, as I’m hardly ever alone. With three kids that need constant supervision, time with my own thoughts is hard to find. But I am trying to make time. At night mostly. Or when I go for a walk/run.

I don’t write down my reflections, although perhaps I should! I think I ought to reflect more and really think about what I want out of life. My emotions affect my reflections, because when I’m happy I’m more receptive to writing.

My cultural and social self

I am very much influenced by my faith. As a Christian, I tend to stay away from the secular world.

I moved to Australia from El Salvador when I was young, but I consider myself an Aussie.

I believe I am part of the blue collar socioeconomic class.

I live in the city.

Ways of thinking and learning

I am very lucky to be living in Australia and being in a culture were it is easy for me to study and value learning.

Beliefs and values

I believe that humans are essentially good, however there are always bad seeds and it’s best to avoid all of them in case I came across one.

I believe that our society should be organised so that democracy is upheld, countries use money wisely to combat war, famine and sickness. And that everyone has a say and the right to an opinion.

What I believe about humans and our society is based on the assumption that the world is not a good place right now, but it has so much potential. If people lived to be the best they can be, if they seek help when they can’t and to help those who need it, then perhaps we can reach a new level of understanding.

My goals

My goals for the next 5 to 10 years are

  • To have my own home
  • To see my children happy in their school
  • To afford extra curriculum activities for my children (i.e. piano lessons, Karate, sports)
  • To have finished my degree and be working in my chosen field and be happy with my job
  • To have saved enough money for a family holiday overseas.

My goals for uni are simple, to understand what I am learning and to pass my units! If I pass then I will have my degree which in turn will help me get a better job. A better job means job satisfaction and hopefully more income to help me pay bills and save up for holidays and the like.

I am very committed to these particular goals.

Social groupings

I remember when I first came to Australia, I didn’t speak English and I didn’t know anything about the culture. I was sent to school regardless and had to learn the hard way. I don’t remember the date when things were clear and I could speak and understand English, but I know it took almost a year. One day I realised that I had difficulty translating words back to Spanish. I surrounded my self with this new culture, to the point where there was nothing left of my old one.

My surroundings

The people in my life

There are five of us in my household, my husband, me and my three children. I also have a close relationship with my sister and three cousins as we all grew up together. I know that if I ever need anything my parents are always there, as are my in-laws.

I am the only one studying at the moment and because I do it at night when everyone is asleep, this leaves me to do regular ‘mum’ things during the day. I am very happy to have the love and support from both my husband and my family. No expectations, other than I’m happy with what I do.

Where I study


I prefer to study at my desk, by my PC where I keep all my studying materials for easy access. I share the PC with the rest of the family during the day and I have to be careful the kids don’t touch my books, but other than that, we all seem to coexist OK. I don’t have a problem with my local library, but having to look after three young kids makes it difficult to study there, so I’ll just wait until they are in Day Care/School or until my husband can look after them if I have a pressing need to get to the library.

Study spots

I would not mind sitting outside in the lovely sunshine with a text book and giving studying there a go!


I am very comfortable at my desk. I avoid getting distracted by noise by studying at night. I can listen to music while I study, however, as everyone is asleep, I chose not to.

This above all; to thine own self be true. SHAKESPEARE


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